back to article DoJ approves Google's acquisition of Mandiant

Google's legally fraught journey to buy cybersecurity business Mandiant is in its final stretch, with the US Department of Justice closing its investigation and giving the go-ahead for the sale to proceed. In a regulatory filing submitted to the Security and Exchange Commission by Mandiant, the company said the DoJ also waived …

  1. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

    How is this possible?

    " It opens the actual page so the URL looks correct, but at the same time loads a full-window iFrame that overlays the malicious content directly over the real site, lending an air of legitimacy. "

    That means that a bad page is impossible to detect. So all the happy green keys in the URL bar are pointless.

    All is lost.

    1. captain veg Silver badge

      Re: How is this possible?

      It isn't possible. The el Reg write up is misleading.

      The example set out in the actual Malwarebytes article has the user believing that they are going to a page in <> but getting content served from a disposable CloudFront site. If the browser address bar showed "" that would be extremely serious. But it doesn't, it shows something in <>, a domain which is (or was) presumably controlled by the attacker.


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