back to article Intel bags deal to make chips for MediaTek, that other Android processor designer

Intel will manufacture chips for Taiwanese chip designer MediaTek, making the latter the first major silicon customer for Intel's revitalized contract chip manufacturing business. The American x86 giant is expected to announce MediaTek as a marquee customer for Intel Foundry Services Monday, more than a year after the …

  1. Snowy Silver badge


    It should save on shipping

  2. adam 40 Silver badge


    Hopefully Intel won't try and muscle the Atom in there instead of ARM.

    The exercise that happened with Mindspeed was an unmitigated disaster.

  3. teknopaul Silver badge

    Silicon is politics

    It's interesting that news today is that a US firm has a big Taiwanese 16nm customer & China is producing 7nm(ish) tech.

    Trump's trade war is splitting the semiconductors world still.

    Science, economics and faster computers are the collateral damage.

  4. Bruce Hoult

    When a company such as MediaTek does a "tape-out" and sends the resulting physical design files to the chip maker, there is absolutely no easy way to tell what the data on the "tape" represents, whether it has x86 cores, ARM cores, RISC-V cores, or just a lot of random logic.

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