back to article Honor moving team out of India for 'obvious reasons,' says CEO

Chinese majority state-owned smartphone company Honor is pulling its team out of India, CEO Zhao Ming has confirmed. Zhao told state-sponsored media outlet Securities Times during a launch event on Thursday that the reasons for doing so were "obvious." He did not clarify further but geo-political tensions continue to bubble …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    If the reasons are obvious then obviously you don't need to say what they are. Or am I needlessly stating the obvious?

  2. Shardik

    Euphemistically Speaking

    “Moving team out of” = “sacking team in”?

    One conjure up images of plane tickets and workers returning home, the other not so much…

  3. Chz

    It's a pity what's happened to them. When they were a Huawei sub-brand they produced some of the best value for money phones in the market. (I've owned an Honor 8 and still use a View 20) The new Honor mostly makes things that aren't any better than the Xiaomi Redmi line, but at a significant price hike. Perhaps pulling out of the India market is a sign that they want to go more up-market now? The Indian market isn't terribly tolerant of higher-priced, premium devices. Of course, it could also mean business as usual, but since they were charging more than the competition they face-planted in India.

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