back to article Microsoft sunsets Windows built-in data leak prevention

Microsoft has announced it will "sunset" the Windows Information Protection data leak prevention offering baked into its client operating system. "Certain capabilities within the solution known as Windows Information Protection (WIP), previously referred to as Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) will be discontinued over time," …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "will be discontinued in future versions of Windows"

    Guys, get your story straight.

    Windows 1 0 was already supposed to be the last version.

    Then you made Windows 11, and now you're clearly stating that there will be more to come.

    So get out of the closet and say so.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Familiar pattern?

    Seems to me they're extending EEE to their own free-tier products as well.

    How typical.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Familiar pattern?

      Seems that MS have decided that "free" Windows will be like Android - basic with all the stuff people/applications want bundled into "Play Services". owever, whereas Google doesn't (directly) charge the user for Play Services, in MS's case users will need a $subscription.

  3. DJ

    Funny, I thought...

    Windows designed to be data leak system.

    (Mine's the one with the pocket without much sarcasm left...)

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Funny, I thought...

      You must be young. Supplies of sarcasm, like cynicism grows with age, a never ending supply, more than any one person could ever need :-)

    2. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

      (Mine's the one with the pocket without much sarcasm left...)

      You must have bought some of that Microsoft clothing?

      Did you check the pockets for holes?

  4. Robert Helpmann??


    Microsoft generally insists that users get more value from SaaS because it can be updated more frequently, doesn't need on-prem maintenance or hands-on admin, and … and well … cloud is just really good, okay?

    This is like the argument that if you spend a lot more on things that you don't need or want but are marked down from their original overpriced amounts you are in some way saving money. In this particular case, it's also about the difference between purchasing something and renting it and it's pretty clear who comes out ahead in that scenario.

  5. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Do Microsoft have any case studies to demonstrate the value of this in action?

  6. J. Cook Silver badge

    Considering they partly scrapped one of the foundational parts that the Azure Information Protection uses in the middle of us deploying it, this does not surprise me at all. (Especially annoying because parts of it were still listed as "preview", and there's absolutely nothing to replace it with that feeds the rest of the information protection parts of Azure. Even the Microsoft employees and SMEs that we paid to help stand it up and configure it were annoyed with it.)

  7. FIA Silver badge

    "The sunset process will follow the standard Windows client feature lifecycle,"

    Dear Google....

    See how that link doesn't link to one of those naff party poppers and a banner that says 'SUPRISE!!!'.

    Please take note.



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