back to article Intel, other chipmakers boost lobbying spend to get CHIPS Act passed

Intel is expanding its lobbying spend as it tries to convince the US government to pass the CHIPS Act, which would open $52 billion in funding to boost chip production in the US. The chipmaking giant spent $1.75 million on federal lobbying during Q2 of 2022, which represents a notable percentage increase compared with the same …

  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    How Much ?

    Spending $1m on getting a $50bn subsidy?

    Either Intel have brilliant negotiators, US politicians work for peanuts or this is only the official cost of sending out a few emails saying "chips are important" and it doesn't count a large number of PAC and campaign contributions

    1. Dimmer Silver badge

      Re: How Much ?

      Personally I believe that our US congress should be prevented from benefiting from stock trading.

      The same with fines and forfeitures. It should go to those effected without the officials getting a dip from it.

      In the states, you can be pulled over on a pretext stop and if you have cash, they take it and make up something about you were about to buy drugs. They have a gun, and if you fight it, you will be shot. Highway robbery. The founding fathers wrote about this in simple English on a few sheet of paper that is only remembered when the thieves swear to uphold it to get into office.

      I still firmly believe that there are civil servants that are here to assist and protect us.

    2. veti Silver badge

      Re: How Much ?

      The subsidy isn't all for Intel, it'll be shared several ways. And remember it has to be spent. And it has to be spent in an economically suboptimal way. And this is only one quarter's spending.

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    NASA authorization buried in it as well

    I still firmly believe that there are civil servants that are here to assist and protect us.

    I hope to meet one someday.

    Also the CHIPS act authorizes a new "Moon to Mars Program" and a new NASA office to run it.

    It also directs NASA to launch SLS at 1 then 2 missions a year.

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