back to article Yocto Project gets big backer and second LTS release – but what is it?

The Yocto Project has won a big corporate backer and put out its fourth release in 12 years. But what does it do? The Yocto Project released Yocto 4.0 "Kirkstone" recently, and now has announced that the BMW Group has joined, alongside a whole list of household names including Intel, Arm, Cisco, Meta, and Microsoft. The …

  1. UCAP Silver badge

    I used Yocto on a project a few years ago. It was surprisingly quick to go from nothing (brand new board design, prototype on my desk) to a fully functioning BSP that had everything we need it - only took about a month and I had never used Yocto before.

    Its one of those things that you don't know its there in the background, but you would certainly miss if it wasn't.

    1. Mishak Silver badge

      Not only that...

      The community is very knowledgeable and happy to help people, even when "RTFM" would be a reasonable response. I'm very grateful to the guys that have helped me with the more complex questions I've had over the years.

      Which reminds me - there is a lot of very good documentation available, so it really is very, very easy to get a build running.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I evaluated it as a possible solution for some product or other a few years ago.

      In the end we went with bare metal (I forget the reason) but it certainly looked very solid.

  2. theOtherJT

    I have absolutely no use for this...

    ...and yet am now desperate to find one so I can have a play with it. This is Very Cool.

    1. Mishak Silver badge
  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    Hmm. So bespoke-Linux-distro-on-demand?

    IOW Zero cruft.

    Only the drivers for the peripherals you actually installed. So nothing adding additonal cost for RAM/ROM/Clock cycles.

    Like Citrix. At first blush one of those "Why would you bother?" ideas that actually turns out to very useful.

  4. Cynicalmark


    So they are the people behind the interface on most cars I drove that really sucked.

  5. Inkey

    Mile stone what

    I remember earlier versions being used for print farms(3d) ... you could use to administer print shedules and notifications and remote access.

    I've seen it sqeezed into a pi zero to be used for single printers and wih a remote video link... a seperate build tool called octo print ... pretty sure it is the same family

  6. gregzeng

    So many open source applications, operating systems, but ...

    Some commercial companies actually do support the open source industries. Probably the most famous and generous is Microsoft.

    Without mentioning specific brand-names, there are other famous names which are based on open source products, such as based on open source BSD, but will not do anything that will not assist any competition to this one brand-name.

    Luckily the European Union is trying to avoid the selfish, damaging commercializing of Open source standards. This note is moving into not just hardware and hardware connections, but as this article shows, or notes increasingly involves software and operating systems.

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