back to article IBM launches Db2 operator for Kubernetes on AWS

IBM has launched a Db2 operator for Kubernetes running on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), while promising the same would be available for Azure AKS is targeted for the second half of 2022. The Big Blue stalwart database counts Bank of America, Natwest Group and Tesco among its users. But, despite large chunks of the …

  1. Rick Mo

    Db2 U ROCK, BABY!!

    Ah, yes, Db2 into the CLOUD domain!!

    Finally, IBM is throwing our PROVEN BIG IRON relational DBMS monster into the GAME!!

    Industrial strength rDBMS computing has been reality since the 1990s - IBM is FINALLY bringing it into the 21st and a half century and into the light!!


    Hallelujah, Fellow Db2 Big Iron Aficionados - We are in the Promised Land - THE CLOUD, Baby!!


  2. Mansi

    AWS sales boss claims Microsoft's softened cloud licensing regime is a sham

    Claims Redmond still prices rivals out of the market even after allowances for Euro-clouds


    6 days | 12

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