back to article Global chip shortage far from over and now semiconductor market faces slowdown

The global shortage of semiconductors might not be over yet, at least according to IDC, but a slowdown in the market is coming as consumer demand falls away and the supply side faces a new heap of challenges. Shortages have been evident in the semiconductor market for well over a year now as surging demand caught out …

  1. Lordrobot Bronze badge

    Gov sow's ear purse program

    The notion you can make the weak strong by giving them gov subsidies is sheer lunacy. Welfare recipients don't wake up Captains of industry after a few dozen handouts. US Automotive industries are a prime example. Dumping truckloads of money on GM is not going to make it Toyota. So what's the big plan here? Fab plants for what? Nobody is going to bring their fabless designs to intel for FAB. And for Intel to imply that the only reason they have failed at fab is that the gov didn't give them subsidies is even more off base.

    Oh but but but Murica needs to be independent and make its own chips from start to finish. It's NATIONAL SECURITY... And who will buy those chips? The Gov? Not Asia surely. No Asian consumer electronics company will buy US Chips because of the potential for sanctions. But but but "We will be making Smartphones and smart TVs and and and in Murica once we get them chip factories going." Yeah sounds reasonable.... to a guy in a straightjacket!

    Meanwhile, Mr Pelosi got his $5 million in chip company options trades in before these votes... and before his DUI trial. Don't you remember the Dems INFRASTRUCTURE Package... it provided that every new car in Murica would be equipped with a breathalyzer device to prevent your car from starting if you exceed the alcohol limit. Can you even imagine this utter insanity? But they did this! If only Mr Pelosi drove a patriotic new car...

    Wake up and smell the scam. Biden gave Ukraine $40 Billion... Where is that? GONE without a trace.

    Name any industry that has gotten Gov subsidies that have not ultimately failed. Clinch River Breeder Reactor. The Synthetic Fuels Corporation. The hydrogen car. Clean coal, Solyndra, the Bush SuperCollider... all colossal failures. The one they claim is a success is a total bust... Ethanol. Ethanol delivers less BTUs than the Diesel fuel needed to produce the junk. Even Al Gore admits its a bust. But not the GOV.

    Subsidizing US Semiconductor companies will cost global business at an accelerated rate. Further, the kingpin leading the charge is INTEL, the $80 billion buyback company and failure at 10nm Fab. There is a reason why Intel lost the entire handheld market... ASIA is not going to buy any chips used in the production of consumer products that has any potential for sanction disruptions.

    These Fab plants just like the OBAMA non-existent battery plants will take 5 years to build and by then it is likely the present technology will be obsolete. As for Obama battery plants. NOT ONE BATTERY was ever produced by any company given the battery plant money.

    You wonder how everyone in Congress accumulated millions of dollars on congressional pay.... they are loaded to the gills with stock options in companies you have never heard of that will get these windfall dollars spike and turn the rest of you into bag holders.

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