back to article ESA kicks ExoMars rover down the road, to 2026 at best

The European Space Agency (ESA) issued a reminder this week that the future of its ExoMars rover remained very much in the balance following the termination of cooperation with Russian space agency Roscosmos. ESA had planned a briefing for July 20 at London's Royal Institution, but cancelled it earlier this with a message …

  1. werdsmith Silver badge

    Stevenage Airbus took the working scale mock up of ExoMars rover around the schools to inspire STEM, I saw one such demonstration at my kids school. Seems like years ago. They still have the Mars scape boulder and sand demo area at Stevenage for school visits etc.

  2. Lordrobot

    How is fueding with the cabby get your baggage to the airport?

    It doesn't. This crazy notion that Ukraine is somehow worth all the fuss is absurd. Europe should have never followed Biden into this abyss. The US was importing just 1% of its oil from Russia. So the 1% didn't hurt the US at all. But Europe's following has really harmed Europe. And for what? Russia is the global energy superpower. It is not going away. Neither is China so pretending that you can control the world by self-sacrifice is bad maths. Put your toy in the sandbox because it is not going to Mars.

    1. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: How is fueding with the cabby get your baggage to the airport?

      I guess if you are comfortably distant from all this you might get a different picture of the whole thing. But for those people in Eastern Europe, it is important that this exercise is a massively expensive one for Putin because nobody knows where his armies would be sent next if things were to go well.

      Yes, Ok you can have the Sudetenland if you promise to behave…..

      Meanwhile, Europe and much of the world will adjust to not depend on anything from Russia and it will take a long time to come back.

    2. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

      Re: Russia is the global energy superpower.

      This may be true, for now.

      But launching an unprovoked war on your neighbour and throwing around wild nazi theories and generally acting like an utter twat on the world stage is not how you remain a global superpower.

      Hell even China hasn't gone so far as openly supporting Putin in this. Just telling everyone to calm down. Should tell you all you need about how massively Putin has fucked up here.

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