back to article DoJ, FBI recover $500,000 in ransomware payments to Maui gang

Federal law enforcement officials this week said they seized about $500,000 that healthcare facilities in the United States paid to the Maui ransomware group. Maui is a state-sponsored gang linked to the North Korean government that has been targeting health organizations for the past year. The Department of Justice (DoJ) and …

  1. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

    And THIS exactly

    is why we won't see a switch to all electric money anyime soon. It can be traced from the source to the destination, and taken back at any time. No politician is going to support a money system that lets anyone track down who bribed them and when, especailly when the bribe can be taken back. Paper money, ironically, leaves no paper trail while electronic money leaves a very clear paper trail.

    Icon, because politician is Latin for "man who steals from city," polis being city, and "tic" being a blood sucking parasite.

  2. DS999 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    This is great

    Love seeing the hackers get hacked and have their money stolen! Good to see my tax dollars going to something positive for once.

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