back to article Meta's Giphy buy could be back on after watchdog agrees to reboot investigation

The UK's Competition Market Authority has confirmed it is taking another look at its decision ordering Meta to sell Giphy. This comes after a tribunal in London politely suggested the regulator and Facebook's parent bang their heads together and figure out a way forward after the authority made a technical error. The CMA on …

  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    We'll be back in jiffy

    I saw what you did there!

    1. Paul Herber Silver badge

      Re: We'll be back in jiffy

      Yes, but they renamed it as ciffy some time ago, but everyone ignores that.

  2. czechitout

    Andy Dwyer shocked gif

  3. iron Silver badge

    I haven't seen anyone I know use Giphy since Metabook announced they were buying it.

    Such a great way to kill a company.

    1. czechitout

      Giphy is embedded in MS Teams

  4. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    Why is the CMA valuing GIFY for Meta

    Since we all know the every GIF engine under the sun is pretty much worthless why is the CMA continually trying to make it look valuable?

    Surely the best result for all of us is for Facecrap to have spunked a stupid amount of money on something that is fundamentally worthless?

    1. imanidiot Silver badge

      Re: Why is the CMA valuing GIFY for Meta

      Apparently not entirely worthless since there's several businesses built around the idea.

  5. Kaki

    Would you take a look

    At the information on this cheque very carefully and reconsider your decision.

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