back to article IBM talks up AI and hybrid cloud on back of 'solid' Q2

IBM sees a strong future for AI and is investing heavily in both the technology and automation to drive it. Hybrid cloud is another key area for the company as it continues to capitalize on its Red Hat assets. Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna claimed that IBM was executing well on its hybrid cloud and AI strategy during the Q2 …

  1. FozzyBear

    IBM is now a different company from what it once was, Kavanaugh claimed –

    A couple of decades ago IBM was a leading brand, with an unofficial slogan of " no one was ever fired for buying IBM". A strong R&D that led the way in many Computer Science disciplines, Solid Product and tech solution base always backed by it's big iron that powered almost every bank, insurance and government agency around the world.

    Nowadays, I don't know a company that isn't divesting themselves of anything IBM related. Now days IBM receives more headlines with its' court room dramas than its' product line and tech solutions which are years behind everyone else, R&D that's been stripped to bare bones and a work force that's been treated the same.

    Kavanaugh is right IBM is a very different company from what it once was...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ITty Bitty Mitey company

    Watson failed Softlayer stagnated Redhat acquired Services shown the door Products divested to anywho takers. Now trying to reinvent andersen consulting inside Itsy Bitsy Morons. What is truly left over? Power? Mainframe?

    AWS has a 196core 1.5 TB RAM metal available now ... Unheard of back in the day ... So systems are also getting squeezed ... A flash in the pan storage gave good results once upon a time. The Gin wanderer is still on payroll.

    Hardly the tech innovation happening methinks.

  3. Judge Mental

    How the mighty have fallen.

    A few years ago an article on IBM could generate hundreds of comments, now it only manages two in ten days.

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