back to article Hundreds of millions up for grabs as UK taxman set to stick with SAP ECC6.0

The UK tax collector has opened conversations with tech support companies to keep its ageing SAP estate running in a contract award which could be worth up to £400m. Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue department collected around £718.2 billion ($855 billion) in tax in 2021/2022 with a system based on a "highly customised …

  1. andy 103

    Can't wait for this trainwreck to unfold

    Feel free to refer back to this post in 12/24/36... months time or whenever there's an update about how much of a clusterfuck this ends up!

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "saving £2 million a year"

    But costing twice the price initially envisioned.

    The bell tolls for the trough. Dinner time ! Cooome and get it !

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      Re: "saving £2 million a year"

      At what point does it become cheaper for public sector to revert to paper-based systems?

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