back to article Alibaba execs hauled in to discuss Shanghai Police data leak

Senior execs from Alibaba Cloud were summoned to discuss the data leak that saw information pertaining to a billion Chinese citizens sold on the dark web, according to Nikkei and The Wall Street Journal. The leak is thought to have come from a misconfigured Alibaba Cloud server that did not require a password to access the …

  1. BOFH in Training Bronze badge

    China doesn't want service?

    If Alibaba is prosecuted or got into other "compliance issues" which are officially not related to this incident, it will be something that other service providers will watch closely.

    If a client error gets the service provider into trouble, why would anyone want to provide a service to that client?

    This will be a good way for all the big (and probably smaller) guys to stop working with China's government. Who wants to take the risk that some idiot will screw things up and they are held responsible?

    1. LDS Silver badge

      "why would anyone want to provide a service to that client?"

      Because they have no choice? That's how it works in dictatorships.

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