back to article Torvalds: Linux kernel team has sorted Retbleed chip flaw

Linux kernel developers have addressed the Retbleed speculative execution bug in older Intel and AMD silicon, though the fix wasn't straightforward, so emperor penguin Linus Torvalds has delayed delivery of the next kernel version by a week. "When we've had one of those embargoed [hardware] issues pending, the patches didn't …

  1. Anthropornis

    I read him as saying that there WILL be an rc8, so although there will be a new kernel next week, that will just be another rc, the release won't happen until a week after that.

    And if I was a betting person, I would put money on 5.19 being replaced by 6.0

    1. gerryg

      5.20 versus 6.0

      Are you sure? To quote the "emperor penguin" in Nov 2018 "We can all to count 20 […]. It's a nice round number. […] I think Linux 5.0 will be out next year, when we run out of fingers" so there's probably one more 5.x to go

      1. Anthropornis

        Re: 5.20 versus 6.0

        You are right - I thought the 4.n kernels stopped at 4.19, but I see that 4.20 was released.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: 5.20 versus 6.0

          re: kernel 4.20 I'm sure that wasn't a joke release...

          1. EnviableOne Silver badge

            Re: 5.20 versus 6.0

            didnt it go up in a puff of smoke...

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