back to article Foxconn faces fine for unsanctioned Chinese chip investments

Foxconn is in hot water this week after the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer became a major stakeholder in Chinese semiconductor manufacturer Tsinghua Unigroup without regulatory approval. Reuters reports the Taiwanese government is now weighing a $835,600 fine against Foxconn after it invested more than $798 million by way …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not unreasonable fears

    TAIPEI, July 15 (Reuters) - Taiwanese prosecutors on Friday accused a Chinese Apple Inc (AAPL.O) supplier of stealing commercial secrets from a Taiwanese supplier and poaching its workforce to win orders from the U.S. company, saying it had charged 14 people.

    Taiwan has been stepping up efforts to stop what it views as underhand and illegal activities by Chinese firms to steal know-how and poach away talent in what Taipei's government views as a threat to the island's tech prowess.

    Prosecutors in New Taipei said after a year-and-a-half investigation they had found that China's Luxshare Precision Industry Co Ltd (002475.SZ) had targeted Taiwanese competitor Catcher Technology Co Ltd (2474.TW) "in order to quickly enter the Apple production chain to win orders".

  2. BOFH in Training Silver badge

    Fined repeatedly

    Citing unnamed officials within the Taiwanese government, Reuters reports that authorities believe Foxconn is not only guilty of failing to obtain regulatory approval, but might also be in violation of these laws. If true, Foxconn could find itself fined repeatedly until it pulls out of the deal.


    If fined repeatedly, it might add up, depending on the frequency of the fines.

  3. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

    If they can. I suspect that Foxconn can kiss the investment (and any IP) goodbye.

  4. Grunchy Silver badge

    Taiwan gov is threating a 0.1 percent fine

    Are they threating, or have they threated?

    Stop confusing me!

  5. Lordrobot Bronze badge

    Nancy Kerrigan kneecapping the new way to compete.

    The more Taiwan pretends to be the US Bulldog, the more likely China is taking names and planning for the long term. All of Asia and even some of Europe is rattled by the US Nancy Kerrigan kneecapping foreign policies. If it can happen to China then it can happen to Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Asian Rim, Africa, and certainly Ireland.

    Make no mistake about it. This is US kneecapping policy regardless of the surrogates: Taiwan, the Dutch, Brits, Japan, and Korea, doing the dirty deeds and hiding behind the skirts.

    I promise that this US strategy will fail. Bullying others, and threatening others is how you get your face punched to the sounds of an adoring crowd. Example: The US keeps running destroyers through and around the South China Seas under the FALSE CLAIM they are keeping the shipping lanes open. The history bodes differently. From crashing a nuclear sub on the sea floor and needing to get it towed to the shipyard for repairs to US ships colliding with oil tankers, the US is a shipping hazard, not a force to keep the lanes open.

    Further, there is not one US think tank that has found any validity in the claim that China is blocking the sea lanes. In fact, in the areas where the US ships claim to be keeping the shipping lanes open, there are no actual shipping lanes. The actual shipping lanes are much further south and there is not a single incident of China blocking sea-going vessels.

    The US has this long history of Slavery and Imperialism denoting a certain obnoxious effluvium of superiority resented by at least 40% of the world population... and growing. JOW Biden is your master... DO AS TOLD or as he said before the great walk back, the US MILITARY WOULD DEFEND TAIWAN with Troops on the ground.

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