back to article Panasonic picks Kansas for $4b EV battery plant

Kansas has landed the largest economic development project in its history, with Japanese tech giant Panasonic set to build a $4 billion electric vehicle battery plant in the state. Panasonic, which supplies most of Tesla's EV batteries, will build its new battery plant in De Soto, a town on the western edge of the American …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does anyone know what risks there are during productions of lithium batteries?

    When it comes to rechargeables, Panasonic can teach the world at large a thing or two so I'm curious how the risks are managed in their production.

  2. OldCrow 1975

    Fantastic for Wichita.

    Wichita is a fantastic town in the USA. Yes Wichita is out of the way. Wonderful people. The best Zoo and Bar-b-que "Hog Wild". Great school Wichita State. Go Shockers. Wichita so richly deserves a non aviation company. Located in the heart of the breadbasket of the USA. Thank you Panasonic.

    1. HereIAmJH

      Re: Fantastic for Wichita.

      Wichita so richly deserves a non aviation company.

      Unfortunately, DeSoto is nowhere near Wichita. It is between KCKS and Lawrence. They will be building on part of the old Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant.

  3. MachDiamond Silver badge

    Paid to play

    The US government (State) handing out pallets of money to companies that don't need it. It has to be kept in mind that if they do actually wind up hiring 4,000 people, those people will need a place to live driving the local price of housing through the roof. The city will need to construct roads to handle the added traffic, waste water plants to take care of the ... well, you know, more police, fire and emergency medical service, etc, ad nauseam. The'll need more schools, parks and city services. It's not cheap to add the needed services to a city rapidly when a large company rolls into town. It's expensive to bail the city out when they can't make the bond payments or retirement contributions for all of the government employees when the company doesn't meet its promises or when those requirements expire long before the added infrastructure is paid for.

    Hmm, only 700 miles from their prime customer's facility in Austin, TX. Yeah, that's efficient, not. Unless, of course, the cells will be sent to Sparks, NV to be incorporated into battery packs. That's only 1,600 miles away and then a total of 3,300 miles if the pack is sent to Texas.

    1. HereIAmJH

      Re: Paid to play

      Desoto is on the edge of the KC metro area. I think 1.7m people can manage 4000 more. The town is minutes away from the Kansas Turnpike. They have their choice of intermodal facilities for major rail lines. And with the purchase of Kansas City Southern rail by Canadian Pacific, a direct route from Mexico to Canada.

  4. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Oop North

    Why are all these Chip suggested sites in awfully hot States ?

    I know nothing about such manufacture, but I'd think some of the colder regions of the USA --- cooler, plus with plenty of water would be more suitable.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Oop North

      I suppose it's because they offer bigger bungs than the cold states?

    2. My other car WAS an IAV Stryker

      Re: Oop North

      I'd prefer the water here used for chipmaking rather than bottled up by Nestle and sold at Costco (and everywhere else).

      Their filtration is poor; Aquafina (by Pepsi) is much better. Dasani (by Coke) is a bad-tasting joke.

      Some might say "oop" instead of "up", but they also say "ope" instead of "oops", as in "Ope, 'scuse me."

  5. TimMaher Silver badge

    Dorothy Gale

    She will be pleased.

    Mine is the one with “The Wizard of Oz“ in the pocket.

  6. Omidia

    Just remember, Panasonics real name is Matsushita!

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