back to article Global PC market falls at fastest rate in 9 years

A collapse in Chromebook demand along with conflict in Europe and a worrying rise in inflation have led to the steepest decline in PC shipments in nine years. According to preliminary data for calendar Q2, Gartner estimates worldwide sales-in – products taken in by retailers and distributors – at 72.011 million, down 12.6 …

  1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Ah, might be able to afford a new 17" laptop soon.

  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    Most corporations produce garbage resulting from not conducting any user research.

    They think that if they excrete a colourful bells and whistles generic design that has nothing to do with utility, but has the specs numbers (which in real terms make insubstantial difference) people will trash their previous gen laptops and come crawling for the shiny pretty much the same new ones.

    Most laptops on the market fail on the basics - unusable keyboard, designed to look good, but without any use in mind. Trackpad that if works you think your prayers were listened to and of course buzzing fans constantly drilling sound into your brain.

    Then no ports, so that you can mess in your bag with all the incompatible dongles.

    Screens with low ppi so that you know you are looking at a laptop screen.

    And fans again. There is nothing better than having a hot air blown at your legs. Hopefully one day you'll be able to solder using air from you laptop vents.

    I am in the market for a laptop, but there is nothing interesting.

    I was close to buying the new Mac Air, because finally there is no fans, but then it has rubbish keyboard and the dreadful 24GB of RAM. When I look at usage on my machine, my system consistently is using 25-27GB.

    1. Lon24

      Re: Garbage

      I have a Thinkpad dual booting Windows & Linux. Plenty of fan noise with one but rarely with the other. Go figure!

    2. ITMA Silver badge

      Re: Garbage

      "Trackpad that if works..."

      If wish they would just STOP turning tapping on by default. I absolutely hate that!

      Yes it is fine for those that get on with it. For the rest like me, it is bloody dangerous. Randomly selecting, dragging and dropping God knows what to God knows where because their shitty "gestures" crap can't tell the difference between me lifting my finger and placing it back down to continue moving the mouse, and tapping.

      STOP IT!!!!

    3. luminous

      Re: Garbage

      If you need that much RAM you would need a pro not an air. That can handle 32GB of RAM.

      The M1 is lovely; battery life for my partner is 2 and a half days of full time office usage.

      1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

        Re: Garbage

        The workloads are not CPU heavy, so I am confident air would do. I understand pro model has fans, so that's a no.

  3. Tim 11

    And don't forget, everyone has just bought a new PC so they could work from home during the lockdown

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