back to article Mastermind of Broadcom’s VMware buy is out, CEO Tan to take over software

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan will personally oversee his company’s burgeoning software portfolio following the departure of Thomas Krause, the masterminded behind the $61 billion VMware acquisition, later this week. According to an SEC filing released today, Krause, the president of Broadcom’s software group, will leave the chip …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm so screwed

    We are a (admittedly small fry) vmware shop. I have been watching this thread of stories with increasing horror, and I think I need to hit the exit doors this summer.

    Broadcom as a company brings more baggage to the table than hope. That was true before these announcements, when they were repeating the like most often uttered after a M&A transition. Clearly they don't intend to leave VMware well enough alone. Reading the tea leaves doesn't look good. The M&A was his baby, and it appears that he dosen't like the direction it's going. When the head of a division quits, his pet projects suffer. But the icing on the cake is hearing they wan't to deeply integrate CA and Symantec with VMware.

    Surgically implanting 2 bags of dogshit in a patient will result in zero healthy patients, not a thriving one. And VMware hasn't been thriving in a while. They squandered almost a decade while Microsoft has closed the technical gap in their hypervisor and services. In that wasted decade they couldn't manage to build a functioning modern GUI and users were stuck with a product split between the 90's flash era and an incomplete and often bizarre new GUI based on HTML5 that should have been completed by the next half step release.

    In addition, the companies driver support(always one of it's biggest weaknesses) got worse under Dell, at least for non-dell hardware. Broken updates have gone from frequent to constant, with the current 7 series on default settings corrupting it's own upgrade process after 90 days because of the toxic combination of forced account expiration, broken account management tools, and a lack of sanity checking in their upgrade scripts, which in addition to not performing the basic step of validating that the root account they insist on launching under isn't disabled, also aren't atomic and can't be rolled back once they have started. This problem has been present for months, and the companies response has been to tell people to A) install everything from offline .ISO files from the command line, and B) delete all of vcenter and start over from scratch because their install scripts leave the install so broken it's faster burn the corpse of your existing vcenter than to fix the dumpster fire via the command line.

    Also, they could fix the "expired root account" problem with a one line bash script, a permissions check and "touch". This stuffs not rocket science.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: I'm so screwed

      But if it didn't look like a Win95 VB app with some broken functionality, you wouldn't know it was enterprise software

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Total speculation....

    There could be hope. Krause was the architect of the 'Forget everyone except the whales' go-to-market strategy. It is completely possible his departure is signaling the end of that paradigm. Putting all the heads under Hock could be a place holder pending filling the slots with VMware leadership - management which has actually worked in the software industry. We'll see....

  3. DBA-ONE

    "Surgically implanting 2 bags of dogshit in a patient will result in zero healthy patients, not a thriving one."

    That was funny. And, I agree about the GUI-based vCenter issues. I favored the fat client of the management tool regardless of the reasons VMware gave for killing it. The HTML5 version is often slow and sometimes I have a hard time believing what I'm seeing in it. If you move around too fast it starts to freak out. The only feature I like about the web client is being able to put a task aside if I need to look at something else.

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