back to article Oracle 12.1 users warned as mainstream support ends in July

Users of Oracle 12.1 database will move off mainstream support at the end of the month, ending access to bug fixes and security patches for the popular system. Although Big Red has warned of the system's effective retirement, swaths of users remain reliant on the database, while some who have made the upgrade leap are …

  1. Duncan Macdonald

    What a surprise

    High "support" costs and no support - what else do people expect from Oracle ?

    Icon for many Oracle users ==========>

  2. PM from Hell

    Is this to force EBS customers to migrate to the cloud?

    Migrating an on premises EBS install to release 19 is likely to be a 12 month project with no visible benefit at the end. It would probably make more sense to re-implement your ERP System in the cloud taking advantage of new app features rather than having a huge expense for a purely technical upgrade.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: Is this to force EBS customers to migrate to the cloud?

      Or many could reconsider their RDMS vendor and move to something else?

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