back to article Security vendor splits – not quits – to address Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Singapore-based security vendor and services provider Group-IB has commenced a "regional diversification" program that will see it not just continue to operate in Russia (unlike a great many other companies), but do so with a dedicated entity. As explained in a post by CEO Dimitry Volkov, the company's global HQ in Singapore …

  1. Insert sadsack pun here Silver badge

    "external circumstances... is almost certainly code for "Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine that has so outraged the world that plenty of tech vendors quit Russia in protest."

    1) think it is much more likely to be code for "our founder and former CEO has been detained by Russian authorities on dodgy charges, and we want to protect our foreign business from them". See El Reg's previous reporting on this issue. Prosecutors can't explain what he is supposed to have done wrong. He thinks he has been framed by organised cybercrime groups whose activities have been disrupted by the company.

    2) plenty of foreign vendors have issued press releases proclaiming their shock and hurt. How many have actually gone ahead and left? Far, far fewer.

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