back to article Semiconductor market to be hit by fresh wave of rising component costs

More red flags about the semiconductor market are being raised with the news that a key supplier to chipmakers such as TSMC is planning to hike prices, which will likely have a knock-on effect on chip prices. Japan-based chemicals company Showa Denko has warned it expects to raise prices and may have to cut back some of its …

  1. DS999 Silver badge

    I don't know what all prices might increase and how much

    But I remember some consternation a few months ago since Ukraine supplies half the world's neon, and neon is a critical element in chipmaking. Then I saw that even if the neon price went 10x higher it would only increase the cost per wafer by a fraction of a percent, and decided it wasn't a problem after all. Worst case it speeds up the replacement of neon signs with LEDs, since a lot of neon is wasted recharging neon signs that slowly leak (I used to have one in a business I owned)

    There are so many very expensive fixed costs going into making chips, the chemicals/gases being talked about would have go up in cost by a LOT to influence what TSMC charges per wafer.

    1. EricB123 Bronze badge

      Re: I don't know what all prices might increase and how much

      But, but, I am so fond of neon signs.

      There is no better way to say "Eat at Joe's" than with a neon sign. Would you not agree?

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