back to article Devops tool Jenkins now requires Java 11: This might sting a bit

It has taken a while, but the Jenkins project confirmed this week that Java 11 will be required from this week's Jenkins 2.357 and for the upcoming September LTS release. Jenkins, originally authored by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, recently passed its 10th anniversary. Originally known as Hudson, before the Oracle / Sun deal resulted in …

  1. pip25

    Thankfully it doesn't matter much in practice

    Just because Jenkins itself runs on Java 11/17, it can still launch builds with arbitrary JDK versions available on the machine (or on the slave node running the build). Unless your Jenkins uses some very special plugins that break because of the upgrade, most users should not be significantly affected.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Thankfully it doesn't matter much in practice

      I encountered a problem with building nodes when using Java 11 instead of 8.

      If you use Java Web Start to configure them, it no longer works with Java 11 because that feature has been removed. You'll need to switch to SSH.

  2. DevOpsTimothyC

    About Time

    This one is long over due. Now if they could only have better support for switching between fly weight and heavy weight executors during the pipeline AND have user inputs able to run on fly weight executors.

    Not all projects are fully CD and having a user halt for manual testing is still a thing.

    1. claimed Bronze badge

      Re: About Time

      OK... that seems like a really specific problem... If you're using git, couldn't you just have your final manual step be a merge from "test" to "release", and a different pipeline trigger*.

      Then when development is complete, a build is triggered and ready for manual tests. Then when tests pass, you can do whatever the next thing is.

      I wouldn't think you have everything in one pipeline with a human on the trigger to achieve manual testing in your workflow

      * or indeed, numerous other ways to achieve this that are logically the same, with or without git

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