back to article AWS adds bare metal support to EKS Anywhere

Amazon Web Services has made a small but important change to its EKS Anywhere on-prem Kubernetes offering – the option to install it on bare metal servers instead of exclusively inside a VMware vSphere environment. "Amazon EKS Anywhere on bare metal enables customers to automate all steps from bare metal hardware provisioning …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

    Profit chasing

    So volunteers commit their time for free to create an open source software and when it is mature enough, big corporation comes in, repackages it and sells it?

    Seems like a way to avoid dealing with those pesky things like employees, salaries, employment law and other regulation and just completely focus on seeking profit!

    Those corporations of course have enough money to ensure politicians won't work on closing that loophole.

    Another problem is that to work on these open source projects, you need to have a lot of free time, which means you are likely from a privileged background. Then if you have these projects in your CV you are likely get a job over someone who doesn't. This puts people from poorer families at disadvantage.

    That's why we no longer allow volunteering at for profit organisations, because these places where snapped up by youth with wealthy parents.

  2. Chris Thomas Alpha

    Bare metal Kubernetes is not complex

    Running a cluster across multiple VPS services, i.e. bare metal, is not complex. The complexity comes from scaling that automatically because you basically have to build what cloud providers built. A way to deploy new servers and join them to the cluster. As well as the complexity of running HA kubernetes. Which I believe these days is a lot less complex than it was. But still not as simple as running a single master cluster.

    So perhaps there is some other meaning that I'm not aware of. But I don't find it complex at all and I've been doing it for almost 4 years.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bare metal Kubernetes is not complex

      Might be more along the lines of, you need more hardware if you have smaller cluster, requiring dedicated hardware for the all the nodes. Most being smaller because of being smaller companies, smaller companies meaning not necessarily having the expertise to do that automation to deploy and manage the clusters without 3rd party software help.

      There are some companies that do have competent and adaptive people in operations, but generally you will find that they are people that just are able to get by, they will keep the business units generally happy but will not have the time or inclination to do anything more advanced.

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