back to article Google battles bots, puts Workspace admins on alert

Google has added API security tools and Workspace (formerly G-Suite) admin alerts about potentially risky configuration changes such as super admin passwords resets. The API capabilities – aptly named "Advanced API Security" – are built on top of Apigee, the API management platform that the web giant bought for $625 million …

  1. sitta_europea

    "It does this by IDing bots that resulted in the HTTP 200 OK success status response code, he explained."

    Now why didn't I think of that?

  2. Clarecats

    Cheaper by the dozen

    I am reading offers of 1,000 Instagram follower bots for $39.99. Seems to be a monthly rental, which is quite a smart move by the merchandisers. Maybe Google could help ID them. Oddly, these sorts are easily recognisable as bots to (most) humans.

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