back to article VMware reveals vSphere-as-a-service – but not the price

VMware today revealed details about Project Arctic, the vSphere-as-a-service offering it teased in late 2021, though it won't discuss pricing for another month. VMware's thinking starts with the fact that organizations are likely to run multiple instances of its vSphere and VSAN products, often in multiple locations. Managing …

  1. Alistair

    Okay. Am I the *ONLY* one

    Having a massive outbreak of twitching, rashes and nausea?

    Putting the management of my *in house* systems in someone else's cloud?

    ....and paying a subscription price for that service ..... and I can tell you now it will go to *per core* and *per instance* and *per gigabyte of ram* and *per terabyte of xmitted data* and *per terabyte of recieved data* etc etc etc etc over time....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Okay. Am I the *ONLY* one


      Totally agree with the sentiment !!!

      I would much prefer to have 100% control over the people who are 'managing' my systems and not be 'hanging' out on a cloud the means to bring everything down to any enterprising Hacker.

      Also estimating next years Operating costs will be fun !!!


    2. 43300 Silver badge

      Re: Okay. Am I the *ONLY* one

      Sounds like they see the Azure Stack HCI model as one to copy!

  2. devin3782

    Clouds only loosely hold water vapour and nothing more keep this in mind at all times. More goblin ownership yay! (massive sarcasm). They called it project Arctic, well this will certainly send chills to their customers bones.

    Goblins Ownership: Goblins make the fabulous treasures, but considers anyone purchasing them to be renting, they consider the original maker the owner not the purchaser.

  3. Plest Silver badge


    If it runs on a computer then it MUST, repeat MUST, make use of cloud! If it doesn't make use of cloud then what are you doing? This isn't 1995!! How will we convince PHBs to waste huge budgets buying into pointless, expensive services that offer nothing useful if we don't crowbar it into the cloud?!

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