back to article India extends deadline for compliance with infosec logging rules by 90 days

India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the local Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) have extended the deadline for compliance with the Cyber Security Directions introduced on April 28, which were due to take effect yesterday. The Directions require verbose logging of users' activities on …

  1. Lis

    No doubt

    our very own Priti Patel will be taking notes.

    Hint; over the last year or so, M.P.s have been dropping WhatsApp in favour of Signal. What took them so long? Though I have to wonder what do they know that we don't? (Yet)


  2. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

    Yet the Directions allowed incident reports to be sent by fax

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, *wheeze*, *choke*, HAHAHAHA ... oh, wait. Are you are f**king serious?

    1. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      I hope they have a lot of phone lines...

      1. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

        I hope they have a lot of phone lines

        And a lot of full-time staff to replace those fax/printer paper every, what, 5 minutes?

  3. Ashto5

    Fax Machine

    OK, we need the tel number and then we can spam them

    1. sanmigueelbeer Silver badge

      Could be worse

      OK, we need the tel number and then we can spam them

      I can see the numbers getting messages that starts like this, "Hi, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. My name is Jake and I am from Microsoft. I am calling because ..."

  4. Sitaram Chamarty


    would be so cool if everyone used fax

    (reports printed in the wingdings font only please!)

  5. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    At a guess the extensions are being pushed by whoever at CERT-In is scheduled to be on the receiving end of this lot and wants more time to find a new job.

  6. Ian Mason

    Pushy ignorant boss syndrome

    The Indian Government seems to acting like a pushy boss who knows nothing about computing but just insists that their staff can do the physically impossible or wholly impracticable if they're pushed hard enough.

    Well, the worst a boss can do is fire you or make things bad enough that you choose to resign, a government can gaol you. The pushy boss either eventually gets fired themselves or their company goes under (the syndrome seems to attach to business owners more often than employed managers). Your only way to deal with a government like that is to leave the country or overthrow it. I wonder what's going to happen to the Indian government?

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