back to article HPE unveils Arm-based ProLiant server for cloud-native workloads

Arm has a champion in the shape of HPE, which has added a server powered by the British chip designer's CPU cores to its ProLiant portfolio, aimed at cloud-native workloads for service providers and enterprise customers alike. Announced at the IT titan's Discover 2022 conference in Las Vegas, the HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 …

  1. druck Silver badge

    Dell, like HPE, did experiment with Arm-based systems about a decade ago but eventually allowed that project to quietly die.

    No doubt after receiving a big brown envelope with Something InsideTM

    1. Sandtitz Silver badge

      ''No doubt after receiving a big brown envelope with Something Inside''

      Those HP moonshots (and probably the Dell equivalents) were aimed at big server farms where lower power ARM's could have mattered. Most likely not enough were sold so HP canned the line. These things happen even without conspiracies.

      ARM has matured a lot since then and these new Proliants are actually something you can attach into a regular 19" rack instead of having to first buy a special 19" chassis those older SL servers required. The bar for evaluation and actual installations is now much lower for ordinary businesses.

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