back to article AMD targeted by RansomHouse, attackers claim to have '450Gb' in stolen data

If claims hold true, AMD has been targeted by the extortion group RansomHouse, which says it is sitting on a trove of data stolen from the processor designer following an alleged security breach earlier this year. RansomHouse says it obtained the files from an intrusion into AMD's network on January 5, 2022, and that this isn' …

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  2. Displacement Activity

    "Reached out"?

    "Reaching out" is something you do when you're trying to apologise to somebody. When you ask AMD for comment you, well, "ask them".

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Re: "Reached out"?

      Indeed. I always regard that expression as retching

  3. AceGrace

    I always read it as 'Reach around' which is altogether something entirely different!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Almost certainly…

    …other than personal data (which is an issue whether or not it gets dumped) most data AMD IP could be dumped online with little or no effect on the company.

    Intel and Nvidia aren’t going to use it… and even if some shady 3rd party manufacture creates something, their target market wouldn’t buy Official hardware anyway.

    Basically “publish and be damned”!

  5. Jake Maverick

    i am still wondering, what is the difference between a gigabyte and a gigabit?

  6. EricB123 Bronze badge

    Failed Education System

    "it's unclear whether the group actually means "gigabytes" or "gigabits" "

    That does it! It is about time our universities included coursework on how to run a cyber-crime company!

  7. rmstock

    Tall trees catch a lot of wind

    A previous story here was :

    Cloudflare explains how it managed to break the internet

    'Network engineers walked over each other's changes'

    Replace Cloudflare with either Intel or AMD and you might have found a lead on whats happening. Maybe not so prevalent in the CPU tech industry but even more so in software. No doubt essential Linux distros and Opensource software are subjected to this dangerous trend. One should admit though that newcomers also want to make their mark inside tech, but not when woke and transgender have become more important over all others things important, where even education institutions are hypnotized in doing just that.

    Back to reality.

    AMD currently has the hottest 8-Core gear in their arsenal and its AMD Epyc CPU is implemented inside the Supercomputer Frontier, the current no.1 inside the Top-500.[2] "The new HPE Cray EX architecture combines 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs optimized for HPC and AI with AMD Instinct™ 250X accelerators and Slingshot-11 interconnect."[1] Intel has become the loser in this field where only 19 of 39 new announced mainframes are using Intel Xeon. AMD has become the big iron specialist where Epyc is listed 5 times inside the top-10, Intel Xeon only apears at place 9. [3]

    [1] The 59th edition of the TOP500, JUNE 2022

    [2] All-AMD US Frontier supercomputer ousts Japan's Fugaku as No. 1 in Top500

    [2] Endlich Exaflops! | c't | Heise Magazine

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