back to article Altair pays off $79m owed to SAS in software license spat, will sell rival product

The long-running battle between software giant SAS and British data analytics outfit World Programming (WPL) appears to be almost over – after a US court lifted an injunction on sales of the latter's products. Altair, a Michigan software house that just bought WPL, said it had paid the remaining $65.9 million WPL owed to SAS, …

  1. Korev Silver badge

    SAS has good reason to be concerned. Companies have invested huge sums in its platform over the years, and we can well imagine the consternation caused by the thought of those same customers being able to leverage decades of experience in its language in work with trendier open-source languages. All without filling SAS's coffers.

    Isn't R the bigger threat to SAS?

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