back to article Singapore promises 'brutal and unrelentingly hard' action on dodgy crypto players

In the same week that it welcomed the launch of a local center of excellence focused on crypto-inspired central bank digital currencies, Singapore's Monetary Authority (MAS) has warned crypto cowboys they face a rough ride in the island nation. The center of excellence (COE) was established by the Mojaloop Foundation – an open …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Singapore will offer a state-backed alternative within three years"

    What. For.

    Signapore already has a currency. Don't tell me that they don't know how to use credit/debit cards and online payments in one of the most highly-connected areas of the planet.

    Don't tell me that their online banking doesn't work.

    So what is the use of a funny-money currency ?

    Someone please explain to me.

    1. 1752

      Re: "Singapore will offer a state-backed alternative within three years"

      Programmable money. The CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) are a stepping stone \ start on the way to Programmable money.

  2. Dreadedhill

    Step in the right direction

    Fully expected a step like this. Read the Bitcoin paper early on, then had to go read on the history of money. Short version: money is a function of government, and Bitcoin was not money. (This makes sense, if you do the reading.) Wrote on this, long ago.

    The current crop of so-called "crypto-currencies" are really collectibles - like Beanie Babies - with no intrinsic value.

    That a nation might create a currency backed by strong cryptography also makes perfect sense. This will be a new design, and needs careful thought.

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