back to article Cloudflare menaces virtual desktops with isolated browser access to internal networks

Cloudflare has added the ability to access private networks to its browser isolation service, and suggests the combo represents an alternative to virtual desktop infrastructure. Browser isolation requires organizations to have a Cloudflare Zero Trust account, and to install a client on users' devices. Cloudflare runs a browser …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge


    "The user's device therefore never touches the web server, so anything nasty on a page is snuffed out by Cloudflare in its cloud instead of poisoning a local PC."

    So how does this handle highly interactive dynamic (script driven) web pages?

    Furthermore, for a long time now there have been online proxy services that security check pages before forwarding them, and these have never required a dedicated client on the user's device - just a redirect via the proxy. So the rather complicated sounding Cloudflare approach would for me seem to need pretty robust justification. I would also ask - does it require javascript (as do other Cloudflare services) even where the target page doesn't?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: OTT?

      It's a sandboxed frame server, It will simply be laggy.

      There's really nothing new here besides Cloudflare is now offering their take on a frame server.

  2. Adrian 4

    Like an X server, then ?

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