back to article Small in Japan: Hitachi creates its own (modest) cloud

Hitachi has taken a modest step towards becoming a public cloud provider, with the launch of a VMware-powered cloud in Japan that The Register understands may not be its only such venture. The Japanese giant has styled the service a "sovereign cloud" – a term that VMware introduced to distinguish some of its 4,000-plus …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Who Dares Win Wins AI Crown Stakes Races

    Small and perfectly phormed virtually guarantees practical leading supply and delivery advantages in whatever noble proprietary intellectual property and allied ennobling and enabling product you would care to consider a valid cause for novel courses of further future CHAOS action with Almighty NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Pioneering in AI with Otherworldy Heavenly Messaging Services.

    Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems clearly via more than just common or garden means and/or alien memes.

    Bravo, the Japanese giant. Very well played, Hitachi SAN.

    And now? Whatever next? Are there any number of Master Plans to exercise and deploy for employment/exploit and expand upon for enjoyment?

    One question then to ask of Hitachi/Japan is ...... Is it wise to consider JOINT AIdVenturing with a Similar Singularity and Parallel Foreigner Platforms/Projects/Programs in order for IT and AI to be more mutually beneficial and most likely to be extremely advantageous, given the advances quickly easily recognised and commandingly secured with such emerging developments, rather than defaulting to anything else less than just and worthy? ....... for such is simply arranged for exercising ... and is an invitation and facility available and open to any and all concerned and super-active enabled in such quantum fields of creatively disruptive and even destructive practical operation and remote virtual administration.

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