back to article Teslasuit demo: Taking a crack at force feedback with the 'Glove'

Virtual reality is all well and good, but decent haptics and a bit of force feedback are essential for it to be truly immersive. The Register donned the Teslasuit Glove at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week. We looked at Manus VR's Prime Haptic gloves in 2019 and while the accuracy and haptics were impressive, the …

  1. Anonymous South African Coward

    *ahem* the sex industry's very interested and would like a good demonstration.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge


      And until it is interested, this will remain very, very niche.

      But if it gets good enough for the sex industry, it'll make a fortune.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      So will everyone else. "Remember swinging on the front porch during a summer rain? Pepperidge Farms remembers. Remember riding down dirt roads in a rumble seat? Pepperidge Farms remembers. Remember what you were doing in your Teslasuit at Pepperidge Farms remembers because we recorded every disgusting detail, and unless you want the videos sent to every contact in your mailbox you'll order a few dozen boxes of cookies online."

      I think I'll pass. I don't want my computer knowing everything. I don't want you bunch of skeevers knowing either.

  2. Howard Sway Silver badge

    It's a full body system

    Welcome to the sweataverse.

  3. Little Mouse Silver badge

    Those human fingers look a little fragile in that robotic glove. I'd be worried about it doing a Roy Blatty on me.

  4. JDX Gold badge

    Well this is going to make child abuse in the metaverse far more realistic.

    It actually sounds really cool tech but we all know that the moment any sort of haptic VR is added to metaverse chat-rooms, this is the first thing it's going to be used for.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Moving forwards to the early 90's by fits and starts.

    All we have to do is keep Facebork from taking it all over and ruining it. And their going to try, I won't be surprised if they try to buy every major player, just like they bought and wrecked Occulus. And their metaverse is just a crappy version of the VR we had in the 90s with prettier graphics and newer marketing.

    To a more important point, as this reaches a broader market it will be a useful enabling technology, but it won't make or break VR/AR this time either. The heavy lifting technology wise was in the GPUs. (thanks Nvidia for getting us over the 50 yard line)

    The unsolved and unbuilt parts are in the software that unifies these tools, an area that is still very much in "field of dreams" mode, and not in the uplifting way. In the "we don't have a plan to succeed but if we make some tools maybe someone with some actual vision will come along and build us one and make us powerful rich and famous by taking credit for their work" way.

    If you can't come to the table with a better vision than we had in 1982, then you could have spent the last 20 years building something at least as compelling as Tron.

  6. seven of five

    Yay! Nooo...

    I'm divided on this:

    First, it will alle be fun and "YAY! Look what I can do!"... and then you are suddenly on fire. And again, two days later.


    You could punch someone in the face (really hard!) and tell them it was an autopilot malfunction.

  7. cyberdemon Silver badge

    Mr Lister has worn out the groinal attachment

    How will we write our name in the virtual snow?

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