back to article Chinese startup hires chip godfather and TSMC vet to break into DRAM biz

A Chinese state-backed startup has hired legendary Japanese chip exec Yukio Sakamoto as part of a strategy to launch a local DRAM industry. Chinese press last week reported that Sakamoto has joined an outfit named SwaySure, also known as Shenzhen Sheng Weixu Technology Company or Sheng Weixu for brevity. Sakamoto's last gig …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

    Shell economy

    Here we have a shell economy. There is an idea, founders, shiny office and goings to fund raising parties. Instead of doing actual work, there are rounds of beggings and sweet talkings.

    - Look, we want to build the fastest DRAMs and we will make a ton of money!

    - Do you have engineers?

    - Yes, we will get contractors if needed

    - So how are you going to develop it?

    - We have a specification already created

    - But how are you going to build it?

    - We made some inquiries on AliBaba and two factories said they'll make it, we only need money to spin up the production run!

    - So what's your margin?

    - Depending on the factory, we may get 50-100%!

    - So you don't actually make it?

    - Look, we will have a huge marketing team and pizza Fridays! We just need an investment.

    and so on and so forth...

    That's how tech industry now works in the West.

  2. steviebuk Silver badge

    Oh dear

    A CCP backed company. If they produce anything it will only stay in China as sadly, they don't invent much anymore and instead steal it. Whatever DRAM they'll come up with will have been stolen on the orders of the CCP from another company. Its why Huawei phones are so cheap as they've stolen most of their tech, are under the thumb of the CCP and have no R & D costs.

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