back to article $6b mega contract electronics vendor Sanmina jumps into zero trust

Matt Ramberg is the vice president of information security at Sanmina, a sprawling electronics manufacturer with close to 60 facilities in 20 countries on six continents and some 35,000 employees spread across the world. Like most enterprises, Sanmina, a big name in contract manufacturing, is also adapting to a new IT …

  1. Robert Helpmann??

    A good tool, but a bit oversold

    I can see how this would be useful for most users in a given organization and definitely get that this might reduce bandwidth demands leading to a number of benefits. I especially like that they are working to address IoT issues, though they are vague on how they are attempting to address them. I am also curious how someone on the O&M side would benefit from this. I have worked in environments which require jump boxes to work on sensitive systems and they always, rather than making things better, instead lead to a different set of issues to solve. That's what this solution sounds like it would need. Perhaps VPN for some and this for most?

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