back to article Train once, run anywhere, almost: Qualcomm's drive to bring AI to its phone, PC chips

Qualcomm knows that if it wants developers to build and optimize AI applications across its portfolio of silicon, the Snapdragon giant needs to make the experience simpler and, ideally, better than what its rivals have been cooking up in the software stack department. That's why on Wednesday the fabless chip designer …

  1. ecofeco Silver badge

    Seems bodgy

    Seems like a very roundabout and overly complicated way of standardization.

  2. tp2

    AI has significant problems...

    The requirement for users to train a AI network is simply too much for normal users. Basically, the necessary data sets are not available for ordinary people, and thus user's only possibility is to pirate the large databases needed to train their AI.

    => Thus AI is not suitable technology for us.

    => you need people who are more criminal to actually purchase your AI technology

    => I know that didn't stop the tech vendors in previous technology wave, but we've already had enough of technologies that goes against the laws

    => once you invent AI that doesn't need to clone other people's databases for training the network, return back with the refined technology

    => but current state of AI is simply impossible for ordinary people to use legally.

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