back to article Okta says Lapsus$ incident was actually a brilliant zero trust demonstration

Okta has completed its analysis of the March 2022 incident that saw The Lapsus$ extortion crew get a glimpse at some customer information, and concluded that its implementation of zero trust techniques foiled the attack. So said Brett Winterford, Asia-Pacific and Japan chief security officer of the identity-management-as-a- …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Okta was not satisfied with Sitel's actions and has parted ways with the company"

    Well if you've got something that works and you get screwed by some 3rd-party, it obviously isn't pleasant and this outcome is hardly surprising.

    Funny how the same thing never happens to Microsoft . . .

  2. tip pc Silver badge

    interesting PR opportunity

    It’s great they where able to clarify what happened and expose their 3rd parties limitations while at bugging up their offerings and demonstrating that doing things right with their products ensures the bad guys are prevented from doing bad things that would ultimately ruin their reputation.

    Reassuring to know their koolaid is like Ronseal.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How did an AD account get compromised if they were using 2FA? Fishy.

  4. Borg.King

    Due diligence

    Perhaps Okta could have conducted a little more research into Sitel's security before they hired them in the first place.

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