back to article AMD refreshes Ryzen Embedded line with R2000 series

AMD is bringing to market a new generation of Ryzen chips for embedded apps promising more CPU cores, enhanced built-in graphics and expanded I/O connectivity to drive kit such as IoT devices and thin clients. Crucially, AMD plans to make the R2000 Series available for up to 10 years, providing OEM customers with a long- …

  1. Bartholomew Bronze badge

    And embedded processor than can run windows 10 and 11 is odd to me, but I guess in 10 years time that will be considered positively anemic for embedded environments.

  2. hammarbtyp

    Running Hot

    The problem we found with AMD embedded chips is that they manage their performance with very aggressive power management strategies.

    When the chips get hot, they throttle back the clock to make them run slower. On a desktop you will not notice any differece, but when you have sub msec tight timing loops this unpredictability or jitter plays havoc.

    All x86 chips use the same strategy to a certain amount, but Intel chips seem to far more configurable in terms of disabling such features. We tried to use them for a while, but in the end gave up and went back to Intel. Pity because they have a good price/performance

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AMD has reneged on several long lifetime "guarantees" recently, so unfit for embedded

    Unfortunately AMD have all but eliminated themselves from the embedded market by discontinuing early and at short notice several CPU and GPU parts that were supposedly on a "long lifetime" roadmap. Thay have sh*t on several big companies who now wouldn't touch AMD with a barge pole, no matter how good their products are. Once burnt..... Shame as their products were good and well suited to embedded. Clearly their recent successes against Intel make them feel they don't need this market. Let's see what they have to say when they hit tough times again. Problem is they have now burnt their bridges, and the embedded market which provides a continuous stream of business over multiple years will not want to risk using them. Discontinuing products suddenly after persuading customers to use them with supposed long lifetime guarantees causes manufacturers all kinds of issues. Usually the switching costs are very high, particularly in markets such as medical - recertification in multiple markets etc. Very sad and short sighted.

    So, it looks like it is now a captive market for Intel if you need x86 for embedded applications.

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