back to article Oracle sued by one of its own gold-level Partners of the Year over government IT contract

Oracle has been sued by Plexada System Integrators in Nigeria for alleged breach of contract and failure to pay millions of dollars said to be owed for assisting with a Lagos State Government IT contract. Plexada is seeking almost $56 million in denied revenue, damages, and legal costs for work that occurred from 2015 through …

  1. ecofeco Silver badge

    Nigeria? Oracle?

    Let them fight!

    1. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge

      Re: Nigeria? Oracle?

      They stand a better chance of justice than in the expensive "buy justice" injustice system in the USA.

  2. SnOOpy168

    Shouldn't SAP smell this opportunity to enable Plexada System team and take over Oracle's accounts ?

    1. IGAL

      Totally agree

  3. MiguelC Silver badge

    Re: "This was a project that had clearly been identified and originated by [Plexada] and they had brought [Oracle] in at a later stage."

    So, they chose to bring the devil in and are surprised to be in hell now....

  4. IGAL

    Fight the injustice!!!

    This is total injustice so Oracle thinks that they can just throw their weight around because they are rich. We can all see again it is where a Nigerian in the government has had his palms greased and does not care of the injustice to done to this company. Al I can say is Plexada do not give up fight for your right. Well done for exposing them.

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