back to article Intel delivers first discrete Arc desktop GPUs ... in China

Intel has said its first discrete Arc desktop GPUs will, as planned, go on sale this month. But only in China. The x86 giant's foray into discrete graphics processors has been difficult. Intel has baked 2D and 3D acceleration into its chipsets for years but watched as AMD and Nvidia swept the market with more powerful discrete …

  1. veti Silver badge

    Silly, Narnians can't use Intel

    They rely on the Allegorical/Symbolic Literary Activity Nexus OS, which no-one can write drivers for.

    1. Captain_Cretin

      Re: Silly, Narnians can't use Intel

      Wouldn't that make Narnia perfect for Intel?

      After all, there are plenty of leaks suggesting Intel cant write ANY functional drivers for their new GPUs.

      Last I heard, Intel were trying to get hold of a billion monkeys with typing skills.

  2. thejoelr

    True confidence in the product.

    I do not believe they failed to secure production capacity for their GPU. They are Intel, not some small entity. They also haven't provided review units to anyone. They are intentionally making this hardware scarce.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    So, only in China, eh ?

    I doubt that gamers everywhere are holding their breath, desperate to get their hands on this new kit.

    We'll wait for the benchmarks, as usual, and Intel hasn't ever really given gamers any reason to be clamoring for its GPU products, so . . .

    1. Boothy Silver badge

      Re: So, only in China, eh ?

      For what it's worth (pinch of salt and all that), apparently laptops have started shipping in Asian markets with the A730M chipset. which is higher end than the one mentioned in the article, but is a mobile part, not desktop.

      Someone in China did some benchmarks, including Timespy and a few games, this seems to show the 730M is a bit faster than a mobile 2080 (now quite old), but not as fast as a mobile 3070 (both standard versions, not Ti or SUPER).

      Seems drivers are still very rough, as apparently they couldn't even get Shadow of the Tomb Raider to even run!

      Assuming they can fix drivers, looks like the A730M is basically a medium tear 1080p mobile part at most.

      There are more powerful parts coming out, including non mobile like the A770, but these still only seem to be around the 3060 Ti type performance (based on spec, not benchmarks).

      Looks like Intel are focusing on the mid, rather than high end cards, at least for now.

      But I'll wait for someone like Hardware Unboxed or Gamers Nexus to actual give the cards a proper run for their money.

      Either way, competition is a good things, and it could benefit a lot of gamers, even if they don't buy Intel, it might help push prices down, especially in the mid tear cards, which is what most gamers actually buy.

  4. jvf

    16 YEARS?

    I'd think that Intel would be happy to get a 16 year run of its A380.

  5. Bartholomew Bronze badge

    happy happy joy joy

    The bit I'm happy to see is hardware decoding/encoding support for AV1 (AOMedia Video 1) @ 4K with the A380.

    My ancient PC with 6 Intel cores (12 thread) and 48GiB of RAM can't playback 4K AV1 content - the video stutters often and the audio drops out of sync with no GPU acceleration (HEVC, AKA H.265, works without any problems at 4K).

  6. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have a look at this article, as comments are not enabled:

    WTF? ZTE are a branch of the Chinese 'Communist' Government, who aren't communist but are authoritarian, totalitarian, nutcases.

    Why are TheRegister's sponsors, ZTE, not mentioning how they're helping the CCP censorship department to track citizens, adjust social credit scores and control their people using ZTE 5G technology?

    There isn't much upside to the 5G 'smart transportation' regime and it's all about control of the population. Boycott ZTE, Huawei and other similar Chinese telecomms companies.

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Sponsored content

      I would normally reject this as it's off-topic but I'll allow it this one time.

      The article you referred to is sponsored content with no editorial input nor endorsement. The advertiser has paid to write their own words, and we use that money to fund the rest of the site.

      Such as our reporting on ZTE equipment being stripped out of networks and China's treatment of its people, which is well documented here and elsewhere.


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