back to article Who's growing faster than Nvidia and AMD? Rising datacenter star Marvell

In the world of fabless chip designers, AMD, Nvidia and Qualcomm usually soak up the most attention since their chips are fueling everything from top-end supercomputers to mobile devices. This hunger for compute is what has allowed all three companies to grow revenue in the high double digits recently. But there's one fabless …

  1. uro

    > "The Ethernet switch ASICs, which now fall under Marvell's Prestera brand name, competes with ASIC product lines like Intel's Tofino, Broadcom's Trident and Tomahawk, Cisco Systems' SiliconOne and Nvidia's Spectrum."

    You can also find the Marvell Prestera ASICs in TP-Link's 10GbE business switches, I picked up an unmanaged one last year due to scarce supply of all things 10GbE at reasonable pricing due to the global component shortages, and Marvells 2019 aquisition of Aquantia seems to be paying off with the inclusion of their PHYs.

    TPLink's TL-SX105 5 port 10GbE switch has a Marvell Prestera 98DX8208A ASIC paired with a quad-port Marvell AQrate AQR413C-B0-C 4th Generation PHY and a single port AQR113C/AQR113 giving it its 5th 10GbE port, there's also an unpopulated area of the board market out complete with traces back to the ASIC for an SPF+ cage, probably for a dedicated uplink port on an unannounced model.

    It's a decent switch for SOHO if you're working with large files/datasets/media daily and dont like having to wait on file transfers to complete, provided you pair it up with decent CAT8 cabling to take advantage of the higher operating frequencies available.

  2. Piro Silver badge

    They'll probably get bought up Broadcom

    And run in to the ground

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: They'll probably get bought up Broadcom

      They should don their ASICs trainers and run away

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