back to article HelloXD ransomware bulked up with better encryption, nastier payload

Windows and Linux systems are coming under attack by new variants of the HelloXD ransomware that includes stronger encryption, improved obfuscation and an additional payload that enables threat groups to modify compromised systems, exfiltrate files and execute commands. The new capabilities make the ransomware, first detected …


    "Linux under attack"?

    Well, I know how ransomware enters Windows systems.

    What would be the attack vector for Linux?

    I for one can't see anything comparable.

    Don't come with "If the malware is in the system it can do this and that".

    I want to know HOW the malware should be able to enter a well administered Linux System.

    The victim has to install it manually and give the root password? :-(

    1. Captain Scarlet

      Re: "Linux under attack"?

      Social Engineering, misconfiguration, etc...


        Re: "Linux under attack"?

        I wrote 'well administered' by purpose. It means:

        1. The user doesn't know the root pw, so social engineering can do little harm.

        2. Misconfiguration: Admin fault, not Linux fault.

        My question is unanswered still: In common ransomware attacks M$ Windows and M$ Office play key roles. What would be a comparable attack vector against LINUX (not against admin faults)?

        1. Captain Scarlet

          Re: "Linux under attack"?

          How is this a fair comparison, comparing MS Office to the Linux kernel and end users vs people who actually know how to use a computer.

          At least include the distro, otherwise I can simply be unfair and point to Asustor or Qnap ransomware.

          Just to add further "WTF?" I personally think Linux based distros are more secure especially by default and more suited for more tasks than Windows.


            Re: "Linux under attack"?

            I compare M$ Office under M$ Windows to a Linux desktop*) and LibreOffice, Collabora or the like. And a Windows Server or even - shudder - Exchange to a Linux Server with the equivalent mail server and groupware.

            *) Choice of distribution is up to you.

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