back to article How Schneider Electric is rewiring how we think about modular datacenters

Schneider Electric has revamped its modular datacenters, and announced an update for the EcoStruxure IT management software to cover the hybrid infrastructure scenarios that now characterise the modern world of IT. Modular datacenters are not a new line for Schneider, but the latest range combines all power, cooling and IT …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge
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    Schneider needs to work on their APC UPS brand and get the reliability back up to the level it was at before they bought them out.

    Had three main board faults requiring complete replacement of the chassis in 18 months on our two core rack UPS because of brownouts.

    APC used to be the Cadillac standard. Now, they are barely a Suzuki.

    1. PRR Bronze badge

      Re: Instead...

      Boy, doesn't this "article" read like a press release? Or written with the subject's rep reading over the reporter's shoulder?

      > APC used to be the Cadillac standard.

      Ah. They used to be very #2, and they had to climb to that point. Price wars. I was buying more expensive better-built boxes. But the #1 in those days (long-long-long ago) is so long gone Google can't find it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Recyled press release aside

    Schneider is at the bottom of the list of vendors I would trust or choose for a major upgrade or green field deployment at this point. Too many issues and red flags.

    Their company calls to mind SCADA vulnerabilites, 90's era GUIs and command line administraton, misleading hardware specs, overly optimistic runtime estimates, and of course, being the only UPS vendor that not only required downing all for your attached workloads to update the firmware of management card on a UPS, but that it will brick said card and UPS unless you have a spare NMS card laying around.

    I'd gladly replace them all with a stack of car batteries attached to a rasberryPi if I could. Not to shill, but I have heard I should be looking at Eaton? Does that track?

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