back to article Russia, China warn US its cyber support of Ukraine has consequences

Russia and China have each warned the United States that the offensive cyber-ops it ran to support Ukraine were acts of aggression that invite reprisal. The US has acknowledged it assisted Ukraine to shore up its cyber defences, conducted information operations, and took offensive actions during Russia's illegal invasion. …

  1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

    Consequences Schmonsequences

    China loves warning of "consequences" with its characteristic overdramatic flowery language, usually alongside irony-meter-breaking levels of projection. It's usually pretty good for a laugh, really.

    1. veti Silver badge

      Re: Consequences Schmonsequences

      Meh. They're just putting down a marker. Now, whenever they next want to try cyber operations against certain countries, they've got their justification all mapped out.

      1. Mike 137 Silver badge

        Re: Consequences Schmonsequences

        " whenever they next want to try cyber operations against certain countries"

        Whenever they next want?

        Pots & kettles yet again.

        1. NoneSuch Silver badge

          Re: Consequences Schmonsequences

          I get my firewalls probed hundreds of times a day from Russian and Chinese based IP's, plus numerous VPN addresses (I suspect to get around geo-blocking.) This has been happening for YEARS.

          The Russian and Chinese governments lie so often and so blatantly, you literally cannot believe anything they say any more. Both have killed numerous people to suppress democracy and expand tyranny. Syria, Georgia, Chechnya, Tibet, the South China Sea and other countries have suffered oppression, destruction and death.

          They have governments in name only, but they are true dictatorships. Disagree with them and their policies or dare to tell the truth and you and your family disappear.

          We need an organization of democratic nations like NATO, but global in scope to draw lines in the sand and close off the dictatorial governments. Seal their borders, sanction their trade, cut off their Internet access until they follow basic democratic rights and freedoms for their citizens. Enough is enough.

          1. Kabukiwookie

            Re: Consequences Schmonsequences

            I get my firewalls probed hundreds of times a day from Russian and Chinese based IP's

            And this tells you exactly what?

            In case you're new to this whole cyber scerity thingy. Attackers usually mask their tracks by attacking from a different IP than their own.

            If you're being probed from chinese/russian IPs that just means that either their security is generally poor and there a lot of hosts that were taken over or that hosting in either country is nice and cheap and no western intelligence agency is ever going to be getting the real IPs of the people actually using the hosts that are used for these probes.

            As long as the real perpetrators don't travel to either Russia or China themselves they should be fine as nobody in the west will lift a finger to stop them (as it's not in their interest to do so).

    2. martinusher Silver badge

      Re: Consequences Schmonsequences

      Usually if the language is flowery, overblown or what-have-you then its due to a statement being made in their language that's deliberately translated to make it sound silly. It relies on most of us not knowing the language or having access to original sources. However, if you live somewhere which has got a significant number of immigrants then there's also likely to be people you know or work with who can actually read the original material. They may not be passionate supporters of whoever is making the statement but they can render what is being said into real English. (The result doesn't sound that much different from the kinds of things our own lawmakers are prone to say.)

      As for malware, we're constantly told that such and such an attack is used by 'state sponsored' attackers with the 'state' being one of the usual suspects. Experience has shown that all too often the attack is criminal in nature and often comes from unlikely places like Southampton. The governments don't as a rule grace us with denials because its beneath them (and anyway if they're up to no good then they're hardly going to admit it openly.) Advertising that we're actually doing this sort of thing to aid a war effort is crass stupidity since it legitimizes what should be criminal activities. Of course, of our cyber defenses are 100% bulletproof....

      1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

        Re: Consequences Schmonsequences

        Deliberately translated to sound silly by whom? The Chinese government themselves?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Talk is cheap.

    That's more like a "made for Tucker" sentence. Tucker can use this as a "we shouldn't help Ukraine because China will cyber-attack us" piece, similar to his "Putin must stay in power otherwise Islamic extremists will get nukes" garbage.

    So for example, March 9th China accused the US of "‘biological military activities’ in Ukraine"

    And Tucker, the very same day "Someone needs to explain why there are dangerous biological weapons in Ukraine The Pentagon is lying about this - why?".

    You see how they feed him his anti-US propaganda to bounce off.

    1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

      Is this guy in any way related to William Joyce?

  3. Potemkine! Silver badge

    Hello Kettle? It's Pot calling. You're black.

    I don't get General Paul Nakasone's public statement. Was that a mistake? Was there a purpose behind this?

    At first, admitting carrying cyber offensives seems counter-productive. China and Russia attacks routinely other countries, but they don't admit it publicly

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Hello Kettle? It's Pot calling. You're black.

      The US admisssion serves two purposes: reassure Ukrainians that it means what it says; let the Russians know some of the support it's providing. It's also important to other countries in Russia's self-defined sphere of influence.

      Russia's cyberops stuff is pretty good, as we know, but as we've also seen, it's not as good as we throught it was. We've also seen it has pretty shoddy military communications. But it's also important, pace Enigma, not to reveal quite how much one knows.

  4. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "acts of aggression"

    Don't you just love how countries accuse other countries of exactly what they are guilty of (completely ignoring that, though) ?

    It's like they graduated into kindergarden.

    To think that this is a level that is supposed to be handled by responsible adults.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: "acts of aggression"

      And of course, one cannot discount or excuse the mainstream media from their guilt in being a major component of the problem with their very selective news story presentations.

      Here is just one tale, which very few folk in UKGBNI are being told anything at all about, which easily eclipses the bombast which the troubles in Ukraine, being broadbandcast prominently daily to the undereducated masses, is designed to generate wherever entertained/employed/exploded .......

      But then what else can one expect, whenever news is not there to tell you about what is happening in the present, it is used to prepare you for journeys back to the past?

      There’s certainly no doubt about IT/it ...... It/IT is a Mad, Bad, Rad, Sad World and in Dire Straits Need of an Almighty Change/Greater IntelAIgent Game Changers.

  5. Winkypop Silver badge

    China, Russia et al

    You can always tell how morally weak a regime is by the way they need to corral and cajole their people.

  6. jumblist

    The older I get the more astonished I am at how unbelievably childish most political discourse is.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      most political discourse is childish, I think, because most of the audience is / are childish. By 'audience' I don't mean the public in general, but those, who believe the shit they hear from their politicians (they trust, but don't verify).

  7. Cyberian

    "Friend" in Russian

    The "unlimited friendship" reminds me of certain Family Guy Episode where Peter asked comrade Putin how do you say 'friend' in Russian...

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