back to article Semiconductor industry growth to slow in 2022, warns IDC

The global economy may be in a tenuous situation right now, but the semiconductor industry is likely to walk away from 2022 with a "healthy" boost in revenues, according to analysts at IDC. But beware oversupply, the analyst firm warns. Semiconductor companies across the world are expected to grow collective revenues by 13.7 …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

    STanding still

    Can you slow any more when you are already stopped?

    Just go on mouser and try to buy STM32 chips... there is none apart some basic ones.

  2. DS999 Silver badge

    Would you say growth is "slowing"

    When every fab will still be running flat out in 2022? The only growth is from new fabs coming online, and compared to the number of existing fabs that's pretty small.

    It isn't like IDC doesn't know this.

  3. Someone Else Silver badge


    Ooooh! Oversupply!! Be scared, be very scared!!!

    But only if you're a coke-head Wall St. yuppie...

  4. cageordie

    Have you tried to find FPGAs recently

    The only ones we can get right now are the ones we already bought and have in stores. Lead times for high end Xilinx parts are all over a year. It doesn't seem likely that a few fab plants will change that.

  5. Sirius Lee

    Over supply...

    unless and until China invades Taiwan. Seem prudent to have some extra capacity coming on line.

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