back to article Indian developer educator Scaler moves to America with $11k online courses

Developers in the US with $11,000 to spend, three spare nights a week, and a desire to level up to become an engineering manager or architect have a new education provider to consider: Indian company Scaler, which has made America its first overseas destination. Scaler has already seen 18,000 students graduate from its courses …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Now why would I want to take a course from them when I can do the same from a high quality accredited US University for less? These entities are the kind of places my employer won't reimburse me for.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Developers [..] with $11,000 to spend"

    I'd wager that, if they had $11K to spend, they'd buy a new car.

    If you want to improve your skills in IT, Internet is there for you.

  3. Howard Sway Silver badge

    three spare nights a week, and a desire to level up to become an engineering manager or architect

    Sure, 6 months spending a few hours a week watching online videos is all it takes to become those things. Just pay us $11,000 and we'll save you the many years of actual industry experience and hard work that up until now were actually required to reach this level.

    At best the company will have correctly surmised that they can make a packet from the dreams of lazy wannabes - if someone claimed to be up to these jobs on the basis of having a certificate from this course, they would be instantly rejected by me.

  4. unimaginative

    They have got to be better than bootcamps

    They may be underestimating the competition at that price level though.

  5. trevorde Silver badge

    Digital certificate is not worth the paper its written on

    Interviewed a lot of developers and, invariably, the worst ones have the most qualifications (MSCD etc)

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