back to article Salesforce faces diversity audit from activist investors

A shareholder activist group has found that tech sector workers from minority ethnic backgrounds are more than twice as likely to have experienced explicit racism than employees in other sectors. The study by Tulipshare is timed to coincide with the Salesforce 2022 Annual Virtual Stockholders Meeting, set to take place today, …

  1. Auntie Dix
    Thumb Down

    The Company Cafe Served Me Alphabet Soup with Floating Demonic Messages

    "...anecdotal accounts of racially based microaggressions among Salesforce workers."

    I cannot believe that companies are forced to entertain these loons.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Time to sell short

    SFDC's boardroom is not focused on stock growth nor on returning dividend value to investors. Instead it is focused on being a jobs program.

    Tulipshare is predicated upon the idea that companies focusing on things unrelated to profit will somehow generate profit. Good luck with that. What will most likely happen is a repressed stock price, resulting in a buy-out and headcount purge.

    The tech industry history is littered with these stories, this is simply another entry point to that path.

  3. Korev Silver badge

    In 2015, Hispanic people represented 4 percent of the total workforce and Black people represented 2 percent. By 2021, the figures had nudged to 5.1 percent Hispanic and 4.3 percent Black. In the United States, Hispanic people make up around 18.5 percent of the population, while Black people comprise around 13.4 percent, according to official estimates from 2021.

    Wouldn't a better comparison be against university graduates? Companies like Salesforce tend to mostly employ people with a degree and it'd be unfair to castigate them for not fixing America's educational hurdles.

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