back to article PC shipments sink amid steady waves of supply chain, war disruptions

Orders for PCs are forecast to shrink in 2022 as consumers confront rising inflation, the war in Ukraine, and lockdowns in parts of the world critical to the supply chain, all of which continue. So says IDC, which forecast shipments to decline 8.2 percent year-on-year to 321.2 million units during this calendar year. This …

  1. a_yank_lurker


    Even with supply chain woes, I would expect PC sales to stagnate and drop back down now that we are the backend of Covid. A lot of gear got upgraded during the pandemic that will last for several years now.

  2. ThatOne Silver badge

    Mixed Messages Remix

    As an outsider, I wonder more and more: One day the PC market is thriving, the next it is moribund, sales are at the same time bad and excellent, chips are in short supply but manufacturers have too much inventory to sell, it's everything and its contrary. One thing remains constant though, whatever it is, prices are bound to go up!...

    Why don't they just say they are greedy bastards and want more cash, instead of going through all that ridiculous drama?...


    (And Chromebooks aren't PCs, they are more akin to tablets, devices to passively consume services. Remember back when the shiny new hip tablets were supposed to be the solution to everything, and the uncool grandfather PCs were deemed doomed to go extinct? Where are tablets now? Well, the same thing is happening to Chromebooks: They have their uses, but like tablets', those uses are specific and limited.)

  3. Sub 20 Pilot

    I need a PC for work. I run a couple of laptops and a main PC but if I want to get a new one I am stuck with the pointless Windows 11 with it's ridiculous minimum spec. For that I get to spend a lot of cash on a machine running a crippled bag of shit with nothing in it in favour of the user and everything in favour of MS.

    It took several years to get W10 to a position where I was happy to move from W7. One bit being the fact that I can not sit around for a few hours every week while my PC's reboot and update only to tell me that now my plotter will not work. Now I have to do the same again for an unstable, unusable shit show that has no accountability and insists I have a fucking MS online account or whatever before I can use it.

    This is NOT progress. When this is addressed I would love to upgrade my machines if it benefits me. In other words, an improvement in security ( fking joke.) a marked improvement in speed of start up and getting to work ( not a Windows splash screen that hangs for 10 minutes while pretending it is working.)

    This is up to the PC manufacturers. If they remain tied to MS' rules and restrictions then they have to take it as it comes.

  4. ThatOne Silver badge

    > This is NOT progress.

    No, of course, it's profit. As for the PC manufacturers, they don't really control Microsoft, it's the other way around: Microsoft says "jump", and manufacturers reply "how high?". If Windows12 requires 128TB of RAM just to run itself, manufacturers will scuttle to build >128TB computers. And you and me will buy them, because we don't really have a choice, do we. Even people who don't work in IT need computers, and not just to watch cat videos on Internet...

    1. Mike_R

      And you and me will buy them, because we don't really have a choice

      First: that's you and I

      Second: for choice, see icon

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