back to article Singapore's Grab enters maps-as-a-service market

Singapore's Uber equivalent, Grab, has decided to offer its homegrown maps as a service and asserts it will offer faster and more accurate spatial services than the likes of Google and HERE Technologies. The move comes hot on the wheels of the company's revelations that Big Tech did such a poor job mapping Southeast Asia that …

  1. sreynolds

    Yeah nothing beats local knowledge. I cannot see rally drivers using some AI in the passenger's seat to give directions any time soon.

    What really annoys me about most commercial maps is they lack the knowledge of the locals, like at white times certain lanes operate, when certain turns are allowed etc.

    1. Dabooka

      Add just general bizareness

      I have two roundabout near me Google insists I loop around before exiting back from the first exit. Also at least one junction where I am supposed to exit and then rejoin.

      I hope Grab ensures it maintains a limited number of hilarious errors such as these, just for authenticity's sake.

      1. philstubbington

        Re: Add just general bizareness

        I use a serviced office in Gerrards Cross and my satnav suggests I turn right across a grassy central reservation on the A40. Judging by the tyre marks some people have done it but even though I drive an SUV I’ll stick to the roundabout!

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